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Agra-Gold Consulting Ltd is an independent company started in 2007, providing agronomic services specializing in livestock nutrient management planning throughout Manitoba and into Saskatchewan.

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Soil Sampling

Soil sampling must be done carefully, keeping in mind the overall characteristics of the land.

Water Monitoring Wells

Annual sampling of wells around livestock manure storages for the purpose of monitoring ground water movement and quality

Nutrient Management Plan (NMP)

We help create your Nutrient Management Plan which is specific to your land and livestock operation, and is compatible with government regulations.

Phosphorus & Manure Treatment

Agra-Gold is a leading company in the agricultural industry in using relationships and science in our strategies.

Coordination & Scheduling of the Nutrient Management Plan

Agra-Gold ensures that the Nutrient Management Plan is carried out in an environmentally sustainable way.

Data Management & Precision Agriculture

We are continually collecting field history for each nutrient management plan, as well as the nutrient value of livestock manure for each site.

Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative (MLMMI)

Agra-Gold Consulting has overseen several studies done on livestock manure storages, and extensive data has been collected over the years (

New Site Assessments

Agra-Gold can provide assistance in new site assessments and applications for new or expanding livestock facilities.