Agra-Gold Consulting Ltd. Projects

Scott Dick and Cliff Loewen have been involved in numerous projects with the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative board (LMMI). MLMMI is a research funding board that looks at new and innovative ways to tackle environmental issues facing livestock producers.



Optimising Manure Removal from 2 Cell Manure Storage Systems. Since the majority of the phosphorus is also concentrated in the solids of a 2 cell EMS, this storage can be used as a tool to segregate phosphorus based on environmental/crop requirements. This project will quantify the nutrient profile throughout the pumpout based on different emptying techniques. This project was also featured in a recent Manitoba Agriculture writeup.



Evaluation of Air Flotation and Belt Filter Press – Economics and Effectiveness. The objectives of this project are to provide the industry with information that compares the costs (capital and operating) and performance metrics of this system to competing manure separation technologies.



Understanding and applying real world experiences associated with separated hog solids management to Manitoba. The objective was to evaluate existing commercial practices in other jurisdictions where separated swine solids are currently being managed. Focus on current practices for handling, marketing and valuing separated solids and determine how this could apply in Manitoba. To see the full report, click here.



Applying manure to defined management zones using precision farming techniques. The objective was to showcase a more prescriptive way of applying and managing manure nutrients. This objective will be achieved by creating 2-4 distinct management zones within each field which will each receive their own nutrient application rate based on the soil test status. Applying manure nutrients based on site specific nutrient requirements will ensure that nutrients are utilized to their fullest potential. To see the full report, click here.



Fluctuations in Manure Nutrient Concentration during Storage Pump-Out. The objective was to understand the changing nutrient composition and balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and solids content throughout the pump out of 3 different storage systems. To see the full report, click here.